We are very excited about the work we do & the businesses, brands and entertainment properties we work with.

Although case studies are important, “hello, tell us about the ROI,” every promotion, social media campaign and event is unique and the result will vary depending on your needs, objectives and goals…

Have a look around, after you read about all the great wonderful things we do – let us know how we can help YOU!  Our website is just a small place to learn about who we are and what we do – we know it isn’t about us, it’s all about YOU and how we can help YOU get to where YOU need to go!

Well… OK… Since you have made it this far, we want to share what few of our incredibly amazing colleagues and clients have said about us –

“Lynda is incredibly creative and her meticulous attention to detail ensure that all of her campaigns are executed flawlessly. Her promotions alway breed tangible results and in addition to being to excellent marketer Lynda is overall wonderful person!”
Nicole Poulos, Owner/President, Sideways Media

“Lynda is so talented when it comes to branding. She has developed lasting relationships and a successful agency in Blanche. She is very tuned into new technology and a huge asset for her clients. I have worked with her on a few campaigns and consider her a great friend with whom I love to share ideas that will help grow our businesses.”
Angela Moore, President, Starfish P.R.

We met through a terrific artist my company was trying to break open, and Lynda not only ‘got’ him and had a great promotion with United Airlines, but I found her to be one of the hardest working and most genuine people I’d met in the music (and extended) industry. She’s creative and dynamic. We’re still colleagues!
– Julie Du Brow — Principal, dubroWORKS PR

“Lynda is the ultimate creative professional, she turns her ideas into results for all parties associated with any given project. She has an uncanny sense of what the client needs as well as delivering a fantastic experience for the consumer. She is detail oriented and unwavering in her commitment to results, as well as bringing a positive attitude to the process.”
Kevin Johnson, President / Solutions Architect, Deluxe Digital Media, Inc.

“Lynda Stenge is brilliant at what she does… She has an uncanny ability to not only connect great music with great brands, but her networking skills flow over into every aspect of her life… She has brought businesses to businesses for strategic partnerships and has introduced may organizations to vendors who have developed long-term relationships.
-Naja Hayward – President, Naja Tea

“I have worked with Lynda on several projects in the past 7 years and have had the privilege of being on a couple of different committee’s for non-profit fundraisers together. We founded Katrina Campus Relief together to bring new clothing and personal items to the displaced students that were transferred to California Colleges from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Lynda is fully committed to whatever project she is working on, she is an amazing leader and will make anything and everything happen within a deadline. You can count on her to do what she says she is going to do and often does more. I look forward to the times when our paths cross again, as I know that it is going to be a positive experience”
-Michael Holdaway, Owner, Michael Holdaway Productions